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Kayla Reimer and WineGlass Fleurie2009 AHA Region 11Reserve Champion HA/AA Sporthorse MaresIn-Hand Open

2006 inspection tour

WineGlass Fleurie
1993 Bay mare.

Approved for Shagya and Trakehner breeding. Double registered part-Shagya & IAHA Half-Arabian

Bred by Linda Rudolphi

Never out of the ribbons showing in-hand
Nation wide high scoring mare accepted into the Trakehner Pilot program.

Fleurie is being retired as a WineGlass broodmare. She has been ridden on trail and competed in one limited distance endurance ride. WineGlass Fleurie is a full sister to my personal riding horse WineGlass Lambrusco, a natural on the trail and winner of a couple of best condition awards at the age of 14.

The maternal grand-sire of WineGlass Fleurie, JJ Zantar bred by Jim & JoAnne Gernant), was a diversified multi-champion stallion. UMECRA Top Ten 8 years, Canadian National Competitive Trail Top Ten (third) 1982, consistent winner in Western pleasure, English pleasure, Costume, Trail class, and Halter. He also carried the IAHA Region XI runner up queen candidate. His greatest accomplishment, carrying the Rudolphi kids safely on the trail and to the ribbons!

At the Trakehner inspections, WineGlass Fleurie received a 9 for her trot, an 8 for her walk, 8 for type and an 8 for temperament. Judges comments include “has harmony” and “should cross nicely with a variety of stallions.” The Shagya judges also rewarded all three gaits with scores of 8. Comments included “beautiful bay mare with a deep feminine body.” “walk with a swing back, and “uphill gallop.”


JJ Felica

JJ Zantar & Linda Rudolphi in 1974 at the IAHA Region XI English Pleasure class.


*BUDAPEST – USDF All Breed Award Recipient
Shagal- Approved for Trakehner breeding in Germany
5433 Shagya XXXVI-11 – Babolna
48 Siglavy Bagdady VI- purebred Arabian and Gazal VII
*Biala – Consistent dam of numerous foundation Shagya foals
6214 Dahoman IX – rare bloodlines
92 Emisja
JJ Felica- repeated Champion Meritorious Mare, Arabian Sport Horse Association
JJ Zantar- Res. Champion Jr. Stallion as a yearling
Orbit – Alice Payne breeding
Magara – Champion Halter at the age of 16, Egyptian & *Raffles breeding
Shalimar Flazja – Foundation Broodmare
Azraff - *Azja IV Polish Arab breeding
Flara- by Garaff, Dr. Munsonís Bridleless Reining horse

(click photos to enlarge)
WineGlass Dominus+ by *Budapest
1999 grey Shagya-Arabian gelding, dual registered as a half-Arabian.
Owned by Vince & Becky McCarty
Bred by Linda Rudolphi
Ridden by Becky McCarty, Ohio

(At the AHA ride)
  • 2008 Arabian Horse Association National Reserve Champion Half-Arabian Competitive horse
  • 2008 AHA Region 14 Half-Arabian Endurance Champion
  • 2008 OAATS (Ohio Arabian & All Breed Trail Society) Top Five Mileage
  • 2008 OAATS High Point Half-Arabian
  • 2008 OAATS Overall High Point Horse of the Year
  • 2008 OAATS Competitive Trail Locus Cup Winner
  • 2008 OAATS Career 700 Mile Recognition
  • 2008 AHA Legion of Honor “+” permanently behind his name
  • 2008 NASS Reserve Champion Distance Riding
  • 2007 NASS Champion Distance Riding

The Independent Shagya Breeders (www.shagyabreeders.com) sponsored Becky and WineGlass Dominus at the 2008 Arabian Horse Association National Competitive Trail Ride.

(click photos to enlarge)
Piatti+/ by *BUDAPEST
1996 grey Shagya-Arabian mare, dual registered as a half-Arabian.

Owned by Vince & Becky McCarty
Bred by Myrna Martin.
Ridden by Becky McCarty, Ohio.

Piatti's+/ winnings include:
  • 2003 AND 2004 high point Shagya horse in the American Endurance Ride Conference
  • 2003 AHA Region 13 Top 5 and Reserve Champion 50-mile Endurance
  • 2003 AHA Region 14 Top Five 50-mile Endurance.
  • 2003 and 2004 high point Shagya horse in the American Shagya Arabian Verband
  • 2004 OAATS End of Year Top Four Half-Arabian
  • 2004 Piatti+ is the first LEGION OF HONOR Shagya-Arabian recognized by the Arabian Horse Association. Piatti+ has the honor of carrying the "+" behind her name to signify her accomplishment
  • 2005 OAATS Reserve Champion Endurance Horse of the Year
  • 2006 Approved for Shagya Breeding
  • 2006 End of year AERC ranked NE region 2nd FW
  • 2006 Entered a 100-mile endurance – finished in Top Ten
  • 2006 Champion Distance Riding Horse North American Shagya Arabian Society
  • 2006 Piatti+/ is the first Shagya-Arabian in the USA to be awarded the Arabian Horse Association LEGION of SUPREME HONOR and has the honor of carrying a “+/” behind her name.
  • 2007 Res. Champion Distance Riding Horse North American Shagya Arabian Society
  • A total of 2000 competition miles

(click photos to enlarge)

Hungarian Sportlo Troyta

2000 bay Hungarian Sportlo mare.

Bred by L. Rudolphi
Owned/Ridden/Photographed by Sarah Hildebrand & Paul Rosin.

Troy (Trakehner)
Hungarian Talta bred by Cooksley Ranch
Hungarian Taltos
H. Tiszta 3

WineGlass Chianti
11989 grey gelding.
Purebred Arabian bred by L. Rudolphi

Distance Duo
Appeared in the International Arabian Horse magazine Sept. 1998

Ninety-seven was a very good year for 9-year-old WineGlass Chianti (FF Dandelion Wine x JJ Felica) and his junior rider 15 year-old Olivia Rudolphi. Topping the list of their achievements was winning the purebred championship at the Region 11 Competitive Trail Championship.

WineGlass Chianti and Olivia Rudolphi
That same year three different associations honored the pair. The International Arabian Horse Association awarded Chianti with a distance-riding plaque for 500 miles of competition.

The Upper Midwest Endurance and Competitive Ride Association (UMECRA) honored Rudolphi as its 1997 Top Ten Junior. She had also been the UMECRA champion and reserve champion in ’93 and’94. Finally, the Arabian Sport Horse Association, Inc. named Chianti as its 1997 Champion Competitive Trail Horse.
Rudolphi has been distance riding since she was 8, racking up 1,500 miles of competition. She won a reserve championship at the Region 11 Championship Competitive Trail Ride when she was 10.

WineGlass Chianti and Olivia Rudolphi on the trail.

Three years later she won the Region 10 Championship Competitive Trail Ride (riding WineGlass Bint Darnefti bred by L. Rudolphi). What’s more remarkable is that everything Chianti knows about distance riding, he learned from Rudolphi.

This talented rider/trainer understands how trail riders can benefit from other disciplines. When Rudolphi is not boogying down the trails, she goes to dressage clinics.

This August she even showed Chianti in a Model Breeding Dressage Halter Class in Indiana. Competing against warmbloods, warmblood crosses and Thoroughbreds, this model Arabian placed second.

FF Dandelion Wine
*Montecito Alladin
JJ Felica bred by Jim & JoAnne Gernant
JJ Zantar bred by Jim & JoAnne Gernant
Shalimar Flazja bred by Dr. Bill Munson

Delicato by *BUDAPEST

Bred by Myrna Martin (Potter)
Owned and ridden by Alice Yovich, Texas

High Point Shagya NATRC Competitive Horse in 2003 AND 2004!


WineGlass Omni
1991 Shagya colt

Omni has now grown up and was the first AERC recognized high mileage horse in 2003.

WineGlass Omni was bred by Linda Rudolphi and is owned/ridden by Roger Rittenhouse.

WineGlass Omni as a weanling
with his dam Magic Shadow (Arabian).
Photo by Linda Rudolphi

H. Bikaver and Chris Power
Hungarian Bikaver
1994 Bay Hungarian Felver

Bred by Cooksley Ranch
Purchased by WineGlass Farm for Junior Stallion

Owned/ridden by Chris & Marty Power

Bikaver is the Hungarian name of a red wine known as “Bull’s Blood”

2002 American Polocrosse National Championship
Fair Hills Trials
Top Ten(5) UMECRA HW Competitive horse 2004
Champion UMECRA Champion Rookie Competitive horse 2004

(click photos to enlarge)

H. Bikaver Show Jumping

H. Bikaver and Marty Power waiting in line for a final vet check at one of
their first competitive rides. Bikaver seems to be taking care of his novice rider.

Marty Power with H.Bikaver and Kayla Reimer with H. WineGlass Bacchus.

H. Bikaver making a goal at the 2002 USPC National Championship in Texas.

H. Gyemant – Senior stallion Cooksley Ranch
H. Big John – *Formas, Maxim & Consul bloodlines
*H. Honpolgar 4 – by TB stallion Honpolgar
H. Lulu - *Formas, Consul, Fenek bloodlines
H. Ekszer – Bred by Countess Bessenyey
H. Csardas –*Formas bloodlines
H. Trinket – Shagya dam line
H. Tiszta - Foundation Mare Cooksley Ranch
H. Hadur – Sire of successful grey Hungarian 4-in-hand driving team
H. Tancos – Honpolgar & *Formas bloodlines
H. Szeged – bred by Tempel Farms; *Bull Dog & Furioso VII bloodlines
H. Tiska –
H. Big John – bred by Cooksley Ranch
H. Becses – Fenek & Slieve Gallion bloodlines

H. WineGlass Bacchus
playing polocrosse.
H. WineGlass Bacchus a.k.a. “Ben”
1997 Bay Hungarian Felver

Bred by Linda Rudolphi

Owned by Karen Mullin, PA.
Owned/ridden by Kayla Reimer.


Played competitive polocrosse in Pennsylvania,
Received a 70% in his first year of dressage showing,
Missed the USDF All Breed Award by fractions his first year,
Easily completed his first 30-mile competitive ride.

H. WineGlass Bacchus going
after the ball in polocrosse.
F. Crimbring riding.

Hungarian Bikaver
WineGlass Junior Stallion
H. Gyemant
H. Big John
H. Ekszer
H. Tiszta
H. Hadur
H. Tiska
WineGlass Madeira
Approved Trakehner breeding
*BUDAPEST – 1992 Res. Champion Dressage, Arabian Sport Horse Assoc.
Shagal – Approved Trakehner breeding Germany
RushCreek Fawn
RushCreek Cody
RushCreek Bridget

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