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*Budapest at age 22.
Rudolphi photo

1986- Grey stallion.
Bred in Denmark By Ulla Nyegaard.

*BUDAPEST is one of the few Shagya stallions in the U.S. to have completed the stallion performance standards established by the International Shagya Society (ISG) - and he completed these ISG requirements easily. *BUDAPEST is still the only purebred Shagya stallion to receive USDF All-Breed recognition.

His progeny continue to prove their athletic and competitive expertise with regional and national achievements.

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First Shagya/half-Arab to ever receive the prestigious Arabian Horse Association Legion of Honor was a *BUDAPEST daughter.
First Shagya to ever be recognized by American Endurance Ride Conference as the High Point Shagya in 2004 and 2005 was a *BUDAPEST daughter.
First Shagya to ever be recognized by NATRC as the High Point Shagya in 2004 and 2005 was a *BUDAPEST daughter.
Two highest scoring Shagya’s accepted by the American Trakehner Association for breeding were both *BUDAPEST daughters.
First part-Shagya/half-Arabian to be awarded the Top Five in the nation, First Level Dressage at the 2003 International Arabian Sport Horse Nationals was a *BUDAPEST son.

Tamas Rombauer, Babolna Hungary & ISG Board member; Linda Rudolphi; Dr. Walter Huber, owner of Shagal & ISG Board member; *Budapest at 20 years of age; and Dr. Joe Rudolphi at WineGlass Farm 2006.

Allison Boswell photo


*BUDAPEST is the only Shagya stallion with the honor of standing at stud at the foundation Hungarian Horse breeding program of the Cooksley Ranch.

*Budapest is nominated for The Sport Horse Nationals Payback Program. Only qualified stallions with a performance background can enroll in this exciting program. What does this mean for owners of *Budapest progeny? Easy, ALL *Budapest sons and daughters are automatically eligible for cash payback when they compete in designated SHN classes. This is just another way we at WineGlass Farm want to thank all of the *Budapest supporters. Rewarding Excellence in Sport Horse Breeding Through Cash Paybacks to Outstanding Offspring of Enrolled Stallions.


This Shagya foundation mare was imported carrying *BUDAPEST in-utero and delivered a healthy colt while in quarantine. The strong qualities of this excellent broodmare has genetically contributed to the easy breeding and motherability qualities of the US Shagya.

For 3 years, competition points accumulated by *BUDAPEST and his progeny enabled *Biala, to receive Top Five Meritorious Dam in the Year End Awards of the Arabian Sport Horse Association.

dam of *BUDAPEST, at the age of 22. Furby photo.

SHAGAL 1976-2004
Honored and named "SHAGYA III" at the Babolna Stud, Hungary for his contributions as a great sire used to rebuild the Shagya breed.

Owned by and riding companion of Dr. Walter Huber, Germany.
(Shagya III)
Bred in Denmark by Ulla Nyegaard

5433 Shagya XXXVI-11
(Shagya I, DK) -bred Babolna, Hungary

Shagya XXXVI - Babolna, 1948
Shagya XXXII (Babolna, 1922)
154 Shagya XXV, (Babolna, 1933)
91 Siglavy X - Babolna, 1951
Siglavy X, (Babolna, 1943) Black
187 Gazal II, (Babolna, 1936)
48 Siglavy Bagdady VI - Denmark
Siglavy Bagdady VI, AV,
Babolna, 1949
Siglavy Bagdady V, Arabian, (Babolna, 1939)
250 Kuhaylan Haifi I, Arabian, (Babolna, 1941)
22 Gazal VII, Babolna, 1958
Gazal VII,
(Babolna, 1944)
The “Century Stallion” used in several European breeds
315 Shagya XXXI, 1944
bred at Janow
Podlaski Stud, Poland
6214 Dahoman IX -
bred Topolcianky State Stud
Dahoman IV-
Hostau, 1935
Dahoman II,
(Hostau, 1926)
75 Shagya, (Radautz, 1921)
601 Shagya VII -
Topolcianky, 1942
Shagya VII, (Babolna, 1930)
389 Shagya II, 1933
92 Emisja -
bred at Janow-
Podlaski Stud
Amper - Janow-Podlaski, 1957
Equator, (Smordwa, 1939) TB stallion lines
Amnestia, (Posadowo, 1947) Fetysz bloodlines
Emocja- Janow-Podlaski, 1959
Shagya X-32, (Topolcianky, 1951)
Elita, (Janow-Podlaski, 1944)


Dahoman II, (Hostau, 1926) Great-grandsire of *Biala, dam of *BUDAPEST.

Dahoman, (Hostau, 1912) Sire of Dahoman II.

Shagya XXXVI, (Babolna, 1948), Great-grandsire of Shagal

Siglavy Bagdady VI, Arabian, (Babolna, 1949) Sire of Shagal's dam.

Gazal II, (Babolna, 1922), Sire of the famous stallion Gazal VII.

91 Shagya X, (Babolna, 1951), dam of Shagya I; Paternal Great-grandmother
of Shagal.

Shagal was approved for Trakehner breeding
in Germany.

Shagal the 1986 European Champion Shagya Stallion.

Shagal with Dr. Huber's son.
Always the competitor and always a gentleman.

Shagal and Dr. Walter Huber
Best friends enjoying a lovely day at the hunt.

*All Shagal photos are from the archives of Dr. Walter Huber.

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